Passes, Credits, and Payments

We offer two ways to use our service: credits, and passes.
We recommend buying a pass for normal users with one device they need to use our service with.
We recommend buying credits for those who need to use our services on multiple devices.
Please see the table below to see credit costs of various services.

ServiceCredit AccountValid Pass
Firmware Flash1 credit*Unlimited use*
Rebranding (Changing region)7 credits***Unlimited use*
Unbricking with tool7 credits****Unlimited use*

* Unlimited use during the validity of the pass, on only one device.

** Rebranding usually requires two firmware flashes, meaning it will take 2 credits in most cases, if there are no mistakes. Please have at least two credits if you are considering rebranding.

*** Rebranding with a locked bootloader (using FHRebrandTool) requires 5 credits for the rebrand procedure and 2 credits to flash the new firmware twice.

**** Using the tool costs 5 credits, but you need 2 more to flash firmware twice after using the tool.

For other tools, generally you require 7 credits in your account, and five are deducted. Please see the page of the particular tool you want to use. With a pass the tools can be used without limits.

Please read the terms below well and understand them before purchasing.

By purchasing a pass, you can use all of the above services during the validity of your pass, without worrying about credits (your credits will show as 999 with a pass).

Options and Prices


12 Credits $40.00 USD Login to Order

What You Are Purchasing

  • You are purchasing the ability to access and use our software and infrastructure. We cannot guarantee that the tools will be able to achieve whatever results you are looking for, as every situation is different. You accept that once your credits/pass has been provided, and you have access to our tools/infrastructure, you have received what you have ordered, the sale is finalized, and refunds will not be provided. You assume all of the risk of using the tools correctly. You acknowledge that incorrect usage of the tools can result in your phone becoming inoperable. You acknowledge that you have read and agree to all of the below terms.


  • You are paying for the ability to use our tools. You are not paying for a specific result. We do not guarantee any results -- getting these results is up to you. Keep this in mind.
  • You understand that you are responsible for using the tools correctly. Our tools are very powerful, and if used incorrectly, could cause damage to your phone. It is your responsibility to use the tools correctly.
  • Our service does not sell Huawei firmwares. We simply provide infrastructure through our own software to allow you to install them on your device.
  • You agree not to redistribute any files downloaded in connection with usage of FunkyHuawei service.
  • You agree not to use your access to our services to reverse-engineer, recreate, or compete with our service.
  • Credits are added to your account automatically upon payment, once you redirected to FunkyHuawei after making payment on Paypal. Make sure you are redirected. If you aren't or don't receive credits, contact support.
  • Any payments made are NON-REFUNDABLE, once crdits are added to your account.
  • You agree to use the service only for installing firmware on a device in your possession. You agree not to use the service for any other purpose.
  • If it is determined that you are sharing your account, abusing the service or using it for purposes for which it was not intended, your account may be cancelled.
  • We cannot make any guarantees that FunkyHuawei will continue to work indefinitely. We cannot test every update and cannot guarantee that every update will install without issue.
  • It is possible that due to device updates FunkyHuawei's tools become incompatible with various models. Even if you end up having an incompatible model we cannot provide refunds. Please confirm with us if you think your model might not be supported to clear any doubt.
  • We are not able to test all updates or other firmware installations. These updates are made by Huawei and we simply offer infrastructure to install them. It is possible that some versions may contain bugs or even issues which may stop your device from working. Installing an older firmware on top of a newer firmware, for example, can be very risky. All installations are at your own risk.
  • With Huawei's June updates, all tools except eRecovery method are not currently working. If your phone falls into this case, note there will be no refunds. Please confirm before purchase that the tools you want to use are compatible with your phone and its current software version.
  • Our privacy policy can be viewed here.


  • By purchasing credits or a pass, our tools are made available to you. You agree that any payments made are not refundable.
  • We will, under certain circumstances, restore wasted credits to your account, but money spent on the credits will not be refunded.
  • If, for example, you purchase credits/a pass, but decide you don't want to, or can't use them, your payment will not be refunded. Please keep this in mind!
  • When purchasing credits/a pass, you agree that there will be NO REFUNDS, NO EXCEPTIONS, and all use is at YOUR OWN RISK.
  • Credits will not be restored if wasted using HiSuite method. Only eRecovery method is officially supported (with the exception of updating EMUI 5 to EMUI 8.)

About Support

  • Support is provided by email for those who hold an unlimited pass, or a balance of over 30 credits.
  • For those who do not hold an unlimited pass or more than 30 credits, please refer to the instructions.
  • We will try to respond to support questions for other customers, but support is not guaranteed.
  • Although we try our best to help you, every situation is different, and our advice may not work. We can't take any responsibility for issues that come up, even when you are following our advice.


  • Passes will allow you to use all FunkyHuawei features within a certain time period with no limits.
  • The pass will be automatically activated upon purchase, and will expire 30 days after activation.
  • Even if you are not able to make use of our service, the sale is final, and there is no refund possible.
  • This is valid for only one device. If you attempt to use it on more than one device, the processes will fail.
  • The pass will be associated with the FIRST device used on it, after pass purchase, until pass expiration.
  • Suspicious usage or abuse of the service will result in a cancelled pass with no refund.

Unlimited Pass

  • The unlimited pass will allow you to use all FunkyHuawei features with no limit.
  • The pass has a validity of five years, but this can be extended by request after it expires.
  • Even if you are not able to make use of our service, the sale is final, and there is no refund possible.
  • This is valid for only one device. If you attempt to use it on more than one device, the processes will fail.
  • The pass will be permanently associated with the FIRST device used on it, after pass purchase.
  • If you change devices, you will need to buy a new pass.
  • If you want to buy multiple passes you will need multiple FunkyHuawei accounts. One pass per account.
  • If FunkyHuawei goes out of business, changes ownership, etc., there are cases in which we may not be able to honor your pass. Even in these cases you will not receive a refund.
  • By request you may transfer the pass to someone else when you sell your device. Please inform support in this case. (Note: This is not allowed with credit accounts, only with pass accounts)
  • Suspicious usage or abuse of the service will result in a cancelled pass with no refund.

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