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For quick questions, you can contact us using the icon on the lower-right of your browser window for live chat.

You can also get in touch with us by email at:

Please write to us in English. If you write in another language it will take longer to respond to you.

Technical support is not guaranteed, and is provided as an as-available service.

If you are contacting us for help with your Huawei phone, please send us the results of the following fastboot commands:
fastboot oem get-product-model
fastboot getvar vendorcountry
fastboot oem get-build-number
fastboot getvar rescue_enter_recovery
fastboot oem oeminforead-SYSTEM_VERSION

-- This information will help us advise you.

Please only contact us about our FunkyHuawei service -- no questions about Xiaomi builds.

Common Questions and Answers

Q: I have the error 'getting package info failed.'
A: You need to make sure that:
1. You are logged into the service from the same IP address your phone is making the request from.
2. You have selected a firmware compatible with the device you're using eRecovery from.
3. You have set DNS correctly. Many times, you need to disable IPV6 for DNS setting to work.
DNS not being correctly set is the most common issue.

Q: Can I rebrand my P20/P20 Pro/Mate RS without the bootloader unlock code?
A: It is only possible to rebrand the P20/P20 Pro/Mate RS, and other newer EMUI 8.1 devices with the bootloader unlock code. If you do not have it Get it here.

Q: Will you add version XYZ? I see it on some site.
A: We may or may not be able to add it. Feel free to ask if there's a particular version you need.

Q: I bought 5 credits, but now I would like to have an unlimited pass. Is there a discount?
A: We are currently doing a promotion where you can pay the difference between the full price of an unlimited pass ($125) and what you have paid so far for our service, to upgrade to an unlimited pass. If you spent $41 on 5 credits in the past, you can upgrade to an unlimited pass for the $84 difference. Email us for details.

Q: I bought an unlimited pass. It seems it's not working correctly on my second phone. Why?
A: A pass is good for only one device. If you need to change the device your pass is attached to it is possible for a fee. Email us for details.