Bootloader Unlock Code Service

We are providing bootloader unlock codes as a free service to those who purchase the unlimited use pass on or after October 12, 2018.

Unlimited plan can be purchased here.

You can also visit to purchase the unlock code.

We offer codes from any recent Huawei model with a Kirin chipset, including those that Huawei never officially released bootloader unlock codes for.

This service can be used one time per unlimited use pass purchased.

Note that this service is available only for those who order the full unlimited pass (not the 30 day or other timed unlimited passes).

To obtain the bootloader unlock code, please email us your request along with your phone's IMEI and model. We can usually get you the unlock code from within one day to within one week.

See here for contact into.

We can not guarantee that we will always be able to provide the bootloader codes. This is a free extra to those who purchase the unlimited pass, which we will provide on an 'as possible' basis.