Unbricking Instructions

FunkyHuawei allows you to unbrick your phone from fastboot using the FunkyHuawei Unbrick Flash Tool.
This tool is useful if your phone does not boot.
If your phone can enter eRecovery, please use the eRecovery method, not this tool.
Note: This tool does not work for EMUI 8.1 devices yet. It will in the near future.

Note: This tool is not currently working for some phones on June 2018 security patch or later. Please make sure you have an older security patch before using.

Warning: This tool is very powerful, and if used with the wrong UPDATE.APP file, it can cause your phone to not function.


  1. Buy credits or a pass. Make sure you have at least 7 credits in your account, or a valid pass. We recommend a pass.
  2. Download FHUnbrickFlashTool from here.
  3. Extract the ZIP file onto your computer's disk.
  4. Obtain an UPDATE.APP file which matches your phone. It must be the same EMUI version as was last installed on your phone.
    You can search here for the update, or ask us if you can't find it.
  5. Place the UPDATE.APP file in the same folder as FHUnbrickFlashTool.exe
  6. Turn off your phone.
  7. While holding the volume down button on your phone, connect the USB cable from your phone to your computer.
  8. Open FHUnbrickFlashTool.exe
  9. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the procedure.
  10. After a short wait, your phone will be unbricked.
  11. It may or may not be possible to use your phone at this stage. Even if your phone seems fine, to ensure a complete unbrick, follow the below instructions.
  12. Now, follow the installation instructions to install firmware matching your new branding.
  13. You may need to install TWICE. For EMUI 8 and newer models, you'll need to use HiSuite. For older models, you can use eRecovery.
  14. If your phone does not boot after the procedure, unplug the usb cable and boot your phone while holding Volume Up. Then choose wipe data, and choose wipe cache. Then your phone will boot.

FHUnbrickFlashTool download »
FHUnbrickFlashTool instructions »

Here is a video of the process, thanks to TK Bay